Awards We Won

The Difference We've Made

 Entrepreneur Mr.Sunil Swami, Presenting Our Technology to President of Malawi. 
 Mr. Saju M. Chacko, Presenting Our “Condensate & Heat Recovery System” to Dr. Harsh Vardhan (Minister at Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Earth Sciences). 
 NIF Official, Presenting Our Project “Condense & Heat Recovery Mechanism”. 
 Innovator “Mr.Subhash Ola” with Entrepreneur Mr.Sunil Swami(Left) & Retd.ARMY Mr.Saju M.Chacko(Right) in “India-Africa Forum Summit” 
 Indo-Africa Forum Summit. 
 Mr. Saju M. Chacko Introducing Our Innovation to Visitor of Indo-Africa Forum Summit.